What are the SEO tips for 2022? SEO Agencies in Turkey

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We thought it would be beneficial to share 10 effective tips that you can apply to improve your website's organic search traffic in 2022, so you can quickly apply these tips to your website and stay ahead of the digital competition.


1. Meta descriptions

It's time to optimize bad and fraudulent meta descriptions first. This is a pretty old SEO trick. However, a recent study shows that 30% of websites today do not use meta descriptions. However, if we write clear and accurate meta descriptions, we can entice users to click, and that means using descriptions with your focus keywords that people are actually searching for, so when Google uses your meta description, it encourages those users to click.

2. Bring back the best performing content

Content may be out of date after a few years. That's how it usually goes. You have a blog, you add new content to it and you share that content on social media. Most people will forget after that. So go back and review your best content from the last few years, you can go back as many times as you want and see what you can reboot by updating the current URL without changing it. By relaunching some of your old content with a few new updates, you can see big improvements in organic clicks.

So review your old content and bring it back in 2022!

3. Increase internal connectivity

There are two things SEO agencies usually focus on when trying to increase clicks. The first is title tags and meta descriptions that usually generate more clicks, but the second is to improve the website's internal links.

There are probably some opportunities for you to promote internal links on your site that you haven't discovered yet. So let's start adding internal links that don't require a lot of work in no time.

4. Add new links to old content

We often see people skipping this step over and over. Whenever you start a new blog post or publish new content, it's a good idea to take the time and update your old content with these new links, especially the best performing old blog posts.

5. Remove unnecessary links

Tip #5, remove unnecessary links from your website content. That's one form of PageRank shaping. People have mixed feelings when it comes to page rankings for SEO, but it actually works to a certain degree.

Is it necessary to have a link to your other page on every page of your website? Is it necessary to link to your contact form on every page of your website? In most cases, the answer is no. But there are times when it makes sense. When you remove redundant links, you actually make it easier to pass more link equity through the links that count, and those links are a better Google ranking signal.

6. Use topic sets

Make use of topic sets. Do not start a single piece of content. Be sure to write several pieces of content around the same topic and link them together. When this is done right and the content is effectively linked, you can increase engagement as people read different posts and pages.

7. Core Web Data

Tip #7 is to invest in your core web vitals. These are some of the page experience signals that Google has highlighted recently and will continue to focus on in 2022. This will likely be a real ranking factor in the near future. This can be summed up as providing site speed and a great page experience. Some of these are really technical, so Google provides tools like Lighthouse to help with website development.

8. Passive link acquisition

Passive link acquisition means creating content that passively gets links as people discover it in SERPs.
This means that when people find content, they naturally want to link to it. This is accomplished by creating the types of content that bloggers, journalists, and web creators seek. These content types are usually data, guides, how-tos, descriptions, or thought leadership like this blog post. When you produce this type of information, it usually gets a lot of links as more people find and use it. Passive link building is one of the most effective ways to gain links over time.

9. Be the last click

The last tip when planning your strategies for 2022 is to be the last click.
That means you need to please your users!
Of course, you want to be the first result people click on, but you should also aim to be the last click. This means you provide what the user is looking for. User satisfaction is the number one Google ranking signal and it should be your overall goal.
When you can be the last click, rankings and the organic traffic you deserve You can almost guarantee it will increase.

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