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As a primary answer to the question of how the website should be, we can say that it should be SEO compatible. This question also brings to mind the question of how an SEO compatible website should be. It is possible to write many pages about this subject, but let's talk about a few important issues in general terms.

1) Website content management

Your content should be informative and attractive.
Each page should have both visual and textual content.
Your text content must be at least 300 words and must be original.
Your text content must not be copied.
Your images should contain both a title and a subtitle.
Headings should include the keywords and alternative words you use in your text content.
A correct content strategy should be developed and planned.

Remember, updating your content frequently is also important for bots to visit your website. Websites that offer your visitors the original content they are looking for will start to be listed at the top in time.

2) Page Speed ​​Optimization

It should be aimed to keep the user experience at the highest level on your website. One of the most important criteria for this is that your pages load fast. Pages that don't load quickly cause visitors to leave your site. For Google, the length of time visitors stay on your site is also important. If your pages are loading slowly, this time will be shortened. Your page speed should never be below 85.

3) Title, Meta Description and Heading Tags

For an SEO compatible website, each of your pages should contain a title. Title is the main title of your pages. In Google search results, the section with blue writing at the top is the title, the URL address of the page is below, and the description section is just below.

Title is our most important keyword and should consist of the word that is the focus of the content found throughout the page. The description section should be on every page like the title. Most of the users read these explanations and decide whether they can reach the information they are looking for. For this reason, it is an element that affects your page's visits. The description section should consist of one or two meaningful sentences containing the keywords. It should be a maximum of 160 characters. However, it is not correct to rank the keywords one after the other. It is important that you create a meaningful sentence.
Another important element for an SEO compatible website is the use of H title tags. Among these titles, which should be used in a certain hierarchical order, H1 should be on each page and form the title of your content. H2, H3 should also be used one after the other.

4) Website Software

We can't expect a website that doesn't display properly on mobile devices to get hits. Therefore, it must be a responsive design. Website coding should be prepared in accordance with responsive design. Your website's coding needs to be rendered so that it displays properly in all browsers.

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